How to Measure Your Natural Hair Length

how to measure your natural hair length

If you’re trying to maintain a healthy hair length you might be wondering how to measure the length of your hair naturally. There are a variety of methods to measure your natural hair length, including using measuring tape or a permanent one or taking a photo. The main purpose of measuring your hair’s length is to measure the inches that grow every year.

Use a measuring tape

A soft tape measure is the best method to measure the length of your hair at home. The tape should be placed close to your scalp. Next, use the opposite hand to straighten the tape until it reaches the ends. Measure your hair in sections starting with the top of the layer.

The procedure for curly hair is similar to that for straight hair. First, you have to cut a hair section and apply the tape as close to the root as you can. Once you have determined the area, you can mark the area. If you have curly hair you may want to stretch it using braids or a roller prior to taking measurements. You can stop hair damage by using a soft tape. This will avoid getting caught and makes it easier to manage.

After you have measured your hair, you should take a photo of the results to prove your measurement. This method is suitable for both straight and hair with wavy. Moreover, it’s easy to grasp and is achievable by anyone. It is also possible to take photographs to confirm your accuracy.

Utilizing an indefinite scale

To determine your natural hair’s length, you can use tape measure (or a permanent scale). It is an easy and simple method to determine the proper length. Every day, measure a section of your hair. This will give you a better idea of the length you need to cut your hair.

Step in front of the scale , then step away. This shouldn’t take more than a minute. The length of your hair is an important element of your sense of style. When choosing a hairstyle, you should also consider your face shape.

Use an organ part to determine the measurement

One of the most effective methods to determine the length of your natural hair is using a soft tape measure. The tape should be placed on your scalp. The other hand should hold the tape straight. Continue this procedure until the tape is at the hair’s end. You can measure the entire length or split it into several sections.

This method is also the most straightforward. This is a simple way to track your growth as your natural hair grows. Using a body part to measure the length of your hair will help you monitor the growth of your hair and document your hair care journey. You can also purchase an t-shirt measuring length with measurements on the back. Take a measurement of your hair’s roots and take a note of the measurements.

A comparison shot is used

One of the most well-known ways to determine your natural hair’s length is to take a comparision shot. You can examine the length of your hair at the start of the growth phase and a similar shot taken at the end. Capturing photos of your hair regularly every three months is a great way to achieve this goal.

You can also compare photos with a permanent scale or a measuring tape. It can be helpful to take photos of your hair in different times to determine the length. A comparison photo can reduce the amount of time it takes to determine the length of your hair. This method is fast and easy, making them an ideal option for busy people.

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